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A Guide to zipForm Plus and DocuSign- NEW! A Guide to zipForm Plus and DocuSign | 1 HR CE | Course#33051 zipform Plus and DocuSign are the most utilized platforms in real estate. In this course, we will cover the NEW zipForm Plus platform all the way through to launching and getting your documents signed in DocuSign. What you need to know from start to finish!
Appy Hour Appy Hour | 1 HR CE | Course# 29779 Grab your smartphone and join us for an Appy Hour. In this class, we will discuss various apps in categories such as productivity, staging, photography, news, and so much more! These apps will help you streamline day-to-day operations as well as personal tasks, all while on the go!
Boost Credibility with Online Reviews Boost Credibility with Online Reviews| 1 HR CE | Course # 31585 Potential buyers and sellers are often looking for a real estate agent who is not only knowledgeable but trustworthy. By using sites like, Google Reviews, Trulia and Yelp, you can tap into the social influence of past client experiences. Agents who leverage the power of online reviews will grow their real estate business, tailor the buying and selling process, and boost their credibility in the real estate community.
Broker Responsibility Broker Responsibility | 6 hrs CE | Course #31450 Req. 10 People The purpose of this course is to address the regulatory aspects of the management, operation, and supervision of a real estate brokerage firm in Texas.
Debriefing DocuSign DEBRIEFING DOCUSIGN | 1 HR CE | Course # 30220 Easily create envelope templates, make corrections and counter-offers, and set up envelopes on the go from your mobile device. Extended version DocuSign Deluxe | 2 HRS CE 29105
Facebook for Real Estate Facebook for Real Estate | 1 hr CE | Course#31968 New to Facebook or struggling with managing it? Join us to learn the difference between a personal profile and business page; learn tips and tricks on managing the two separately or just utilizing your personal profile. We will talk about controlling privacy settings, sharing engaging content, empowering your brand, and truly connecting with current and prospective clients.
Facebook: Beyond the Basics Facebook: Beyond the Basics | 1 hr CE | Course #31903 What is your main goal for Facebook? Get leads? Market your listings? Engage with clients? If you answered yes to those questions and already know the basics of Facebook, then this class is for you! In this hour, you will learn how to set up Facebook Ads, understand the importance of a landing page, use Facebook live to increase exposure on certain topics, and learn tips and tricks that will help you engage with your Facebook community.
Feeding Your CRM- NEW! Feeding Your CRM | 1 HR CE | Course#32997 Utilizing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system should be an integral part of every Realtor’s business. Unfortunately, most don’t understand what a CRM can and cannot do for them. In this class, we will discuss the basics of CRM, the types of information you should gather for your CRM, and how to “feed” your CRM by forming a successful CRM process. This understanding will show how much potential repeat and referral business you can gain through consistent use of a CRM.
Getting the Most Out of RPR- NEW! Getting the Most Out of RPR | 1 HR CE | Course #32636 Are you looking for data to meet the demands of your clients? Have you heard of RPR? Learn how to use Realtors Property Resource (RPR) in your everyday business to access compelling property analytics, create captivating reports for your clients, perform both local and national property searches, utilize RPR’s unparalleled CMA tool, and much, much more!
HANDS ON LAB HANDS ON LAB | NO CE 1 HR Add a lab to any tech class for hands-on application. Ask your Business Development Representative for details.
Instagram for Real Estate INSTAGRAM FOR REAL ESTATE | 1 HR CE | Course # 32730 Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media platform globally, but do you know how to use it for real estate? Join us to get a crash course in the basics of Instagram and learn about how to use hashtags, showcase listings, promote your brand by posting authentic photos, and so much more!
Instagram: Beyond the Basics Instagram: Beyond the Basics | 1 hr CE | Course#31487 Due to Instagram’s visual nature, more and more Realtors are using it to build and promote their real estate brand. In this advanced class, we will discuss recent updates and new tools such as Instagram Live. We talk about target audiences and examine clever ways to engage with them. We will also go over hashtags and real estate branding tips. Lastly, we will look at ways to connect with your followers and promote your listings via Instagram Stories and Ads.
Introduction to Matrix Introduction to Matrix | 1 HR CE | Course#32574 Are you a new Realtor?  Or are you a seasoned Realtor that's new to our MLS?  If so, this is the perfect class for you. You will explore the basic tools needed to get you started with Matrix.  From searching properties, to editing your agent profile this class is the introduction you’re looking for.
ITC Tools ITC Tools | 1 HR CE | Course#31200 Are you in need of industry-specific tools to help you and your clients become more efficient? Do you struggle with being tech savvy in this ever-changing world? Aside from closing a transaction and issuing a title policy, have you ever wondered what else Independence Title has to offer? In this class you will discover many resources we provide. We will discuss our apps, data reports, and several website features which will impress you and your clients.
ITC University ITC University | No CE | Requires 6 People ITC University is designed to provide essential knowledge to a brand new assistant, closing coordinator, or newly licensed agent. The group will meet on Wednesdays from 10-3 for 4 weeks. We will define basic real estate terminology and lingo, learn those perplexing acronyms everyone uses, and study commonly used TAR forms. We will touch on all the major software platforms including, Zipform Plus, DocuSign, Matrix, Realist, and Supra. We will also explain and examine the Title Commitment, Closing forms, and a Contract to Close Checklist. Our University will have you or your team proficient by the end of the 4-week course.
Keeping Clients for Life- NEW! Keeping Clients for Life | 1 HR CE | Course #31965 Past clients are a real estate agent’s lifeline to generating a steady stream of repeat business and referrals. Do you know how to keep in touch without becoming a nuisance? Personalization may be the key to staying off your client’s “do not disturb” list. In this class, we will share ideas on how to personalize your follow up by giving creative closing gifts, providing pertinent data post-closing, and so much more! Consistent application of these interactions will help you keep clients for life.
Legal Update I LEGAL UPDATE I | 4 HRS CE | Course # 33197 This mandatory TREC certified course covers the legal aspects of conducting real estate business. Get your renewal out of the way!
Legal Update II LEGAL UPDATE II | 4 HRS CE | Course #33198 This NEW mandatory TREC certified course covers the legislative changes that affect the Real Estate community from the 2017 state legislature. Get your renewal out of the way!
LinkedIn 101 LinkedIn 101 | 1 HR CE | Course#32575 It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a popular professional networking site, but are you making the most of your connections? Join us for this one-hour course to gain the knowledge to perfect your profile, give and receive solid recommendations, make valuable connections and add value to the ones you already have.
Matrix on the Go with goMLS Matrix on the Go with goMLS | 1 HR CE | Course #31950 The goMLS Austin mobile application not only lets you search the MLS and access showing instructions on the go, it allows ABOR members and their customers to work together and remotely share information throughout the home buying and selling process. In this class, you will learn different features of the app such as automatic agent branding, accessing MLS data, and sharing information on listing with clients via cell phone!
Maximizing Matrix MAXIMIZING MATRIX | 1 HR CE | Course # 31902 We know you’re busy! Let us help you make the most of your MLS system. You more than likely know how to search for homes, but we want to show you so much more. In this class, we will give you tips on how to productively work within Matrix by setting up and managing auto emails, utilizing integrated mapping, creating CMA’s, and other features of this robust system. Join us to learn how you can efficiently utilize the Matrix system in your real estate business.
Mobile Apps for Mobile Agents Mobile Apps for Mobile Agents | 1 hr CE | Course #31969 Grab your smartphone or tablet and join us for an hour of mobile real estate apps! In this class, we’ll go over five mobile apps that will take you from searching for listings all the way to depositing earnest money, all with your smartphone. You'll walk away with tools to streamline your day-to-day operations while on the go!
Navigating the 1-TO-4 Family Contract NAVIGATING THE 1-TO-4 Family Contract | 1 HR CE | Course #31901 The One-to-Four Family Contract is a map for the transaction. Let us walk you through the contract! We’ll highlight common speed bumps and areas of potential hazards to avoid getting lost on your way to a successful closing.
Perfecting Your Online Presence – NEW! Perfecting Your Online Presence | 1 HR CE  | Course#32840 Have you ever Googled your business? Are you utilizing your account? Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexities of online real estate profiles? Have no fear— we found the answers for you! In this class, you will learn how to complete important details across a variety of platforms which can increase views and profile traffic. This class will also provide a detailed overview on profile syndication, a feature that allows for data sharing across platforms to get the most out of your profiles.
Power of Personality Power of Personality | 1 HR CE | Course #32005 Every buyer, seller, and Realtor has a different and distinct personality. In this class, we will walk you through how to determine a person's personality style. You will discover how to assess different personality types and ultimately learn to communicate with and market to all types of people effectively.
Principles of a Smart Transaction Principles of a Smart Transaction | 2 hrs CE | Course #31949 This class highlights the major benchmarks in a real estate transaction. Starting with helpful things to collect at a listing appointment, to reviewing commonly overlooked sections of the contract, breaking down the basics of understanding a title commitment, and concluding with other contract to close tips. This course is just what any agent needs to execute a smart transaction.
Property Tax Chat Property Tax Chat | 1 HR CE | Course # 32572 In this class, you will learn how Texas property taxes flow throughout the year and how it can affect your business. We will discuss tax exemptions, tax prorations and much more
Reality TV: Video Basics for Realtors Reality TV:  Video Basics for Realtors | 1 HR CE | Course#31611 Ever considered making a video for your business? If you have but aren't sure how to get started, this class is perfect for you! You'll learn why online video is so crucial to your business, the different types of videos you have the ability to create, and how to produce a video, start to finish, from your smartphone.
Research with Realist RESEARCH WITH REALIST | 1 HR CE |Course # 31198 Realist from CoreLogic is a public-record database that seamlessly integrates into Matrix providing in-depth and ownership data. Learn to search for individual homes, entire subdivisions, target specific property or ownership types and create mailing labels.
Selling to Millennials Selling to Millennials | 1 HR CE | Course# 30892 Also known as Generation Y, Millennials are the fastest growing and most diverse generation of consumers in the nation. This generation has grown up being advertised to their entire lives therefore typical selling techniques may not work. In this class we’ll discuss facts about Millennials, the effect social media and technology will have on the Millennial sales process, in addition to setting new rules when selling and marketing to this unique generation.
Smart Home for Smart Agents- NEW! Smart Homes for Smart Agents | 1 HR CE | Course #32285 We live in a world where you can do almost anything from your phone: lock your front door, adjust your thermostat, turn off the lights, etc. Smart home technology is reshaping the way homes operate and is influencing the real estate industry. These devices are changing the way Realtors stage homes, hold open houses, set sales prices, and so much more. In this class, you will learn about smart home products so you can communicate with your clients about unique features they have to offer, whether they’re buying or selling a home.
Stats in a Flash- NEW! Stats in a Flash | 1 HR CE | Course#33237 Does the word "statistics" intimidate you? This class will take the fear out of statistics and will have you creating your own Stats in a Flash! We’ll define common terminology, show you where to locate statistics, teach you how to create your own, and demonstrate when to use statistics in your business. If you want to take your marketing to the next level, or if you just need data to support your negotiations, this class is for you!
Strategies for Growing Your Business Strategies for Growing Your Business | 1 HR CE | Course # 30379 Have you set any new business goals? In this class you will engage in group discussions on different marketing strategies, goal setting, and the use of an interactive financial calculator to aid in business planning.
Surveys at a Glance Surveys at a Glance| 1 HR CE | Course # 32573 Reviewing a survey can be an intimidating task. What survey types are available and what are differences between them? This class will equip you with the knowledge about key items regarding surveys, provide a checklist to use as a tool for listing appointments and contract negotiations.
Time-Saving Tips for Realtors Time-Saving Tips for Realtors | 1 hr CE | Course#31232 Do you wish your days could be more productive? Do you feel overwhelmed when trying to complete daily tasks? In this class, we will look at a day in the life of a Realtor and give you some “life hacks for real estate”. You will also learn ways to make your business more productive, more effi’cient, and hopefully more fun!
Title Commitment A to D TITLE COMMITMENT A TO D | 1 HR CE | Course#30655 A title commitment is the heart of a file. Walk with us through each schedule of this important document to learn what to watch for when you receive the commitment on your next transaction.
Tools for Target Marketing Tools for Target Marketing | 1 HR CE | Course # 31235 Have you ever wondered how to identify profitable neighborhoods to market to or how to calculate the turnover rate in an area? What if we told you the tools are at your fingertips? In this class, you will learn the answer to these questions as well as how to easily print mailing labels and utilize REiSource to find specific targets
Translating Transaction Desk Translating Transaction Desk | 1 hr CE | Course #31966 Do you ever feel like implementing new technology into your business is like learning a foreign language? Well, leave it to us to translate Transaction Desk for you. This class will cover all the dierent aspects of Instanet Transaction Desk. You will learn how to use the platform as a one-stop-shop for managing documents and transactions.
Utilizing YouTube Utilizing YouTube | 1 HR CE | Course # 32729 With video marketing on the rise, there’s no doubt that YouTube is becoming more popular in the real estate community. In this class learn how to create and customize your personal YouTube channel, upload and edit videos, and discover mobile apps for on-the-go access. By the end of the presentation, you will feel prepared to use YouTube to its fullest potential and learn some tips and tricks along the way.
Why Buy Greater Austin WHY BUY GREATER AUSTIN | 1 HR CE | Course # 33706 Learn about current trends in the housing market and how to use this data to assist customers and their decisions to buy/sell real estate. This presentation provides global, regional, state, and local economic data/analytics. Extended Version: Why Buy Greater Austin II | 2 HR CE | Course  # 30281
Zeroing in on zipForm Plus- NEW! Zeroing in on zipForm Plus | 1 HR CE | Course# 33050 zipForm Plus has become one of the most utilized platforms in real estate because of its ease in streamlining the transaction process. In this course, we will cover the recent changes to the program and walk you through a transaction from start to finish. You will learn how to create a transaction, add and edit documents, link your preferred e-signature solution to send contracts for signing, and stay on top of every task with zipForm Plus’ new interactive dashboard. Whether you are a new or advanced user, you will walk away from this class with new information you can use in every transaction.