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Mark Sprague

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Mark is the Director of Information Capital at Independence Title. With Mark’s expertise, Independence Title will track and forecast the real estate economy in Texas, with emphasis on Austin and San Antonio.

Mark has over thirty-five years of experience in executive level management, sales, negotiating, finance, land development, operations, production, administration, and marketing. Mark’s teams have been the recipient of numerous awards with a focus on promoting his company to a preferred position with institutional, governmental, financial and civic groups.

He started at Nash Phillips/Copus, America’s largest privately owned homebuilder. Mark was later hired as the CEO of the Barnes-Connally Partnership. In the late 1980’s they controlled the land from Bee Caves (2244) and SH-71 down to Freescale. Southwest Parkway, the first privately funded road-utility district in Texas, and Barton Creek Bridge were all built without tax dollars under his team’s lead.

Mark gained notoriety while he was director of business development at Mission Mortgage. His weekly economic newsletter became a local economic barometer often quoted by the media. You also may be aware of him from his real estate economic forecasting while a partner at Residential Strategies, Inc., a home market research and consulting firm. Mark correctly forecast a +25% increase in the market for 2005, while others projected a flat market. Mark also accurately forecasted the downturn in regional markets for 2007-09 successfully. He has projected strong growth through 2015 in the Austin, San Antonio, and Houston markets.

Mark moved to Austin in the 5th grade. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned a partial track scholarship. He currently serves on several advisory boards at the University of Texas. The School of Education is named for his grandfather, George I. Sanchez.

Mark also authors a weekly newsletter on Austin area homebuilding and development, the Independence Voice. He has served on a number of local, state and regional boards, including the Home Builder’s Association and the University of Texas.

He married his high school sweetheart Kristin, and they are still dating 40 years later, married 34 years. They have two children; twenty-six year old daughter Shannon who lives and works in Austin, and thirty year old son Stephen, his wife Amanda and grandson James Autry.