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ADD A LAB NO CE - 1 HR Add a lab to any tech class for hands-on applications. Ask your Business Development Representative for details.
APPY HOUR APPY HOUR | 1 HR CE | Course# 29779 Grab your smartphone, tablet or both and join us for an Appy Hour. You'll walk away with tools to streamline day-to-day operations using fun industry-related apps.
AUTHENTIC AGENT AUTHENTIC AGENT | 1 HR CE | Course#31199 An authentic agent knows the value they bring and add it to every human interaction. Intentional relationships, combined with the value you bring as a Realtor, lay the groundwork for a successful career in real estate. Join us to learn how adding value through building social capital and cementing relationships can grow your business, as discussed in the book Go Giver Sells More by Bob Burg and John Mann.
BOOST CREDIBILITY WITH ONLINE REVIEWS BOOST CREDIBILITY WITH ONLINE REVIEWS | 1 HR CE | Course # 31585 Potential buyers and sellers are often looking for a real estate agent who is not only knowledgeable but trustworthy. By using sites like, Google Reviews, Trulia and Yelp, you can tap into the social influence of past client experiences. Agents who leverage the power of online reviews will grow their real estate business, tailor the buying and selling process, and boost their credibility in the real estate community.
BRANDING 101 BRANDING 101 | 1 HR CE | Course#30219 You make branding decisions every day, even when you’re not aware. In the midst of showing homes, writing offers and listing presentations, it’s difficult to stop and analyze yourself. What sets you apart from any other agent, and how do you let prospective clients know? Answering that question is vital to branding yourself in today’s real estate market. Learn the 5 D’s of basic branding and begin making the small decisions that add up big-time!
CRM 101 CRM 101 | 1 HR CE | Course# 30802 Customer Relationship Management is a process which recognizes clients as the core of their business. Realtors are finding that if they connect and follow up with their clients, a genuine, sustained relationship can form, leading to repeat and referral business. Learn what information you should gather, how to organize that information, tips on keeping in touch, and more.
DEBRIEFING DOCUSIGN DEBRIEFING DOCUSIGN | 1 HR CE | Course #30220 Find out why DocuSign is the most widely used eSign software!  Easily create envelope templates, make corrections and counter-offers, and set up envelopes on-the-go from your mobile device.
DELIVER IT WITH ZOCCAM DELIVER IT WITH ZOCCAM | 1 HR CE | COURSE#30411 Save valuable time!  You can now deliver Earnest Money electronically to Independence Title.  Learn step by step how to install and navigate the app on your smartphone to securely submit earnest money and contracts.
DEMONSTRATING DIGITAL INK DEMONSTRATING DIGITAL INK | 1 HR CE | Course # 29381 Considering giving Digital Ink a try? See if it’s the right eSign software for you by attending our presentation. In this class we will cover marrying zipForm and Digital Ink, setting up a transaction manually in Digital Ink, and using Digital Ink on the iPad.
FEEDING FACEBOOK FEEDING FACEBOOK | 1 HR CE | Course # 30654 Your personal Facebook profile can be used for business, but not in the ways you may think. Join us and learn to control privacy settings, share engaging stories, empower your brand, and truly connect with current and prospective clients.
GETTING THE MOST OUT OF GOOGLE DRIVE GETTING THE MOST OUT OF GOOGLE DRIVE | 1 HR CE | Course # 28559 Google Drive is a part of the Google Ecosystem of applications. In this class we cover folder organization; creating, editing, and sharing documents; creating client surveys; using add-ons like the DocuSign app; and how to access these tools from a mobile device.
GETTING YOUR INBOX STATUS TO ZERO GETTING YOUR INBOX STATUS TO ZERO | 1 HR CE | Course #28252 How many emails are in your inbox right now? Clean it up and shrink that number. Learn to delete without fear, put systems in place and use folders or labels. Keep your inbox clean with automatic features, adhering to the "two minute rule" and setting all devices to sync. Join us to learn these tips and more!
GOOGLE APPS 101 GOOGLE APPS 101 | 1 HR CE | Course # 31234 There is so much more to Google than just Gmail and a search engine. Find out how to take advantage of the many free apps included with a Google account by joining us for a one hour introductory course. Learn how to master Gmail, Google Calendars, Google Drive and so many more!
INSTAGRAM FOR REAL ESTATE INSTAGRAM FOR REAL ESTATE | 1 HR CE | Course # 29058 Instagram is currently the fastest growing social media platform globally, but do you know how to use it for real estate? Join us to get a crash course in the basics of Instagram and learn how to best showcase listings, share your brand or company culture, and generate leads.
INTRODUCTION TO MATRIX Introduction to Matrix |1 HR no CE Are you a new Realtor?  Or are you a seasoned Realtor that's new to our MLS?  If so, this is the perfect class for you. You will explore the basic tools needed to get you started with Matrix.  From searching properties, to editing your agent profile this class is the introduction you’re looking for.
ITC TOOLS ITC TOOLS |1 HR CE | Course#31200 Are you in need of industry specific tools to help you and your clients become more efficient? Do you struggle with being tech savvy in this ever-changing world? Aside from closing a transaction and issuing a title policy, have you ever wondered what else Independence Title has to offer? In this class you will discover many resources we provide. We will discuss our apps, data reports, and several website features which will impress you and your clients.
LEGAL UPDATE I LEGAL UPDATE 1| 4 HRS CE | Course # 29622 This mandatory TREC certified course covers the legal aspects of conducting real estate business. Get your renewal out of the way!
LEGAL UPDATE II LEGAL UPDATE II | 4 HRS CE | Course # 29623 This NEW mandatory TREC certified course covers the legislative changes that affect the Real Estate community from the 2015 state legislature.  Get your renewal out of the way!
LINKEDIN 101 LINKEDIN 101 | 1 HR CE | Course # 28684 It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a popular professional networking site, but are you making the most of your connections? Join us for this one hour course to gain the knowledge to perfect your profile, give and receive solid recommendations, make valuable connections and add value to the ones you already have.
MANAGING DIGITAL MADNESS MANAGING DIGITAL MADNESS | 1 HR CE | Course # 29158 Take control of file management and avoid a digital disaster. Learn the basics of file storage and back up your data and devices to gain peace of mind in a digital world gone mad.
MAXIMIZING MATRIX MAXIMIZING MATRIX | 1 HR CE | Course # 28248 We know you're busy! Let us help you make the most of your new MLS system, in an hour. Learn to create and access contacts, utilize the integrated mapping, create CMAs, set up searches, create beautiful stats and most efficiently communicate with clients.
MAXIMIZING MLS MAXIMIZING MLS | 1 HR CE | Course #30111 Make the most of the technology at your fingertips! Learn the tips and tricks of connectMLS in this one hour CE course. connectMLS offers comprehensive reports, customization tools, quick searches, property information/mailing labels, and is available on any mobile platform.
NAVIGATING THE ONE TO FOUR FAMILY CONTRACT NAVIGATING THE ONE TO FOUR FAMILY CONTRACT| 1 HR CE | Course # 28433 The TREC One to Four Family Contract and other TREC contract forms have been updated and the mandatory use date of the new forms is January 1, 2016.    There are some important changes worth noting, such as changes to the option period time, the placement of financing terms and others.  In this class we will cover all areas of the contract while focusing on the significant changes.
PROPERTY TAX CHAT PROPERTY TAX CHAT | 1 HR CE | Course # 28931 Join us for Property Tax Chat. You will learn how Texas property taxes flow through out the year and how it can affect your business. We will discuss tax exemptions, tax prorations and much more.
REALITY TV: VIDEO BASICS FOR REALTORS REALITY TV: VIDEO BASICS FOR REALTORS | 1 HR CE | Course # 31611 Ever considered making a video for your business? If you have but aren't sure how to get started, this class is perfect for you! You'll learn why online video is so crucial to your business, the different types of videos you have the ability to create, and how to produce a video, start to finish, from your smartphone.
RESEARCH WITH REALIST RESEARCH WITH REALIST | 1 HR CE |Course #31198 Realist from CoreLogic is a public-record database that seamlessly integrates into Matrix providing in-depth and ownership data. Learn to search for individual homes, entire subdivisions, target specific property or ownership types and create mailing labels.
ROCK ‘N ROLL WITH RPR ROCK ‘N ROLL WITH RPR | 1 HR CE | Course #29778 Learn how to use Realtors Property Resource in your everyday business with all-inclusive data, compelling property analytics and captivating reports for your clients.
Also known as Generation Y, Millennials are the fastest growing and most diverse generation of consumers in the nation. This generation has grown up being advertised to their entire lives therefore typical selling techniques may not work. In this class we’ll discuss facts about Millennials, the effect social media and technology will have on the Millennial sales process, in addition to setting new rules when selling and marketing to this unique generation.
SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYBOOK SOCIAL MEDIA PLAYBOOK | 1 HR CE | Course # 29438 Overwhelmed by social media? We feel your pain. Receive an overview of platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and more as we discuss the target audiences, types of content to post, and how to manage accounts for different types of social media.
STRATEGIES FOR GROWING YOUR BUSINESS STRATEGIES FOR GROWING YOUR BUSINESS | 1 HR CE | Course #30379 Have you set any new business goals? In this class you will engage in group discussions on different marketing strategies, goal setting, and the use of an interactive financial calculator to aid in business planning.
SURVEYS AT A GLANCE SURVEYS AT A GLANCE| 1 HR CE | Course # 28932 Reviewing a survey can be an intimidating task. What survey types are available and what are differences between them? This class will equip you with the knowledge about key items regarding surveys, provide a checklist to use as a tool for listing appointments and contract negotiations.
TEXAS TAX TALK TEXAS TAX TALK | 2 HRS CE | Course #31486 Property taxes can be confusing! Attend our class and learn all about tax prorations, appraisal district policies, exemptions and more. Fill the gap between your clients and confusing tax laws.
THE ULTIMATE APP The Ultimate App | 1 HR CE | Course #30301 Looking to bring additional value to your customers? Come learn our newest app, IndependenceTitleAgent, for an innovative and easy way to impress your clients. Learn to generate Buyer Quick Estimates, run Seller’s Net Sheets, access Rent vs. Buy and Net-to-Sell Calculators, and more . . . from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop!
TITLE COMMITMENT A TO D TITLE COMMITMENT A TO D |1 HR CE | Course#30655 A title commitment is the heart of a file. Walk with us through each schedule of this important document to learn what to watch for when you receive the commitment on your next transaction.
TITLE INSURANCE: DO I REALLY NEED IT? Title Insurance: Do I Really Need it? | 1 HR CE | Course #30300 Tell the truth—do you really know what title insurance is?  Why most people should have it? Why it costs what it cost? Why it is now marked “optional” on the Closing Disclosure? In this class we will discuss these topics in addition to the difference between an Owner’s Title Policy and a Loan Title Policy and what each policy covers.
TOOLS FOR TARGET MARKETING TOOLS FOR TARGET MARKETING | 1 HR CE |Course # 31235 Have you ever wondered how to identify profitable neighborhoods to market or how to calculate the turnover rate in an area? What if we told you the tools are at your fingertips! Join us for our first Tools for Target Marketing class to learn the answer to these questions as well as how to easily print Realist mailing labels and utilize REI Source to find specific targets.
TRAVEL GUIDE TO TITLE TRAVEL GUIDE TO TITLE | 2 HRS CE | Course # 28898 This comprehensive introduction to the world of title insurance covers the contract,  title commitment, TRID Disclosures and closing procedures. This window into title offers the opportunity to be more proactive in each transaction and effectively manage client expectations.
UTILIZING YOUTUBE UTILIZING YOUTUBE | 1 HR CE | Course # 29175 With video marketing on the rise, there’s no doubt that YouTube is becoming more popular in the real estate community. In this class learn how to create and customize your personal YouTube channel, upload and edit videos, and discover mobile apps for on-the-go access. By the end of the presentation you will feel prepared to use YouTube to its fullest potential and learn some tips and tricks along the way.
WHY BUY GREATER SAN ANTONIO, MARKET UPDATE WHY BUY GREATER SAN ANTONIO, MARKET UPDATE | 1 HR CE | Course # 30110 Learn about current trends in the housing market and how to use this data to assist customers in their decisions to buy/sell real estate. This presentation provides global, regional, state, and local economic data/analytics. Also available for in a 2 HR CE, Course #30282
ZIPFORM PLUS BASICS ZIPFORM PLUS BASICS | 1 HR CE | Course # 29380 zipForm got a makeover! zipForm Plus has an updated, more intuitive interface. Learn how to set up transactions, add and edit documents, and send them for signature using Digital Ink or DocuSign.