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We pride ourselves on providing information relevant to today’s real estate agent. If you’ve never joined us for a class, you can count on walking away with new ideas to immediately implement in your business. Our goal is to not only be a resource for your title needs but also your education and technology needs, which is why we were busy writing these brand new classes for you this summer, with more on the way:

Tools for Target Marketing | October 2nd at 9:30am |  Click here to register
Have you ever wondered how to identify profitable neighborhoods to market or how to calculate the turnover rate in an area? What if we told you the tools are at your fingertips! Join us for our first Tools for Target Marketing class to learn the answer to these questions as well as how to easily print Realist mailing labels and utilize REI Source to find specific targets.

Google Apps 101 |September 23rd at 1:30pm |  Click here to register.

There is so much more to Google than just Gmail and a search engine. Find out how to take advantage of the many free apps included with a Google account by join us for a one hour introductory course. Learn how to master Gmail, Google Calendars, Google Drive and so many more!

Research with Realist | October 2nd at 2pm | Click here to register.
Realist from CoreLogic is a public-record database that seamlessly integrates into Matrix providing in-depth and ownership data. Learn to search for individual homes, entire subdivisions, target specific property or ownership types and create mailing labels.
MCE Course No: Pending

Authentic Agent | September 17th at 10am | Click here to register.
Authentic agents know the value they bring and contribute it to every human interaction. Intentional relationships combined with the value you bring as a Real Estate Agent lay the groundwork for consistent referrals. Join us to learn about building social capital and cementing relationships to grow your business.
MCE Course No: Pending

View our entire menu of classes here. To register or find out class times, contact your Business Development Representative or sign up here.

If you have questions or inquiries about any of our classes, reach out to a member of our education team.