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Property Click Notes Sample Page 1Independence Title is proud to offer you Property Click Notes, a digital touchless package of resources to help property owners and potential buyers learn more about the property offered for sale. To review a sample of Click Notes, click any button on the image to the right. Your Click Notes will be delivered to the email address you indicate below, usually within 2 business days, and can easily be shared with others. Property Click Notes include the following information:

  • Copies of recorded documents, including the most current Deed, plat map, and any restrictions affecting the property
  • Information on schools, tax authorities, and utility providers
  • Area demographics and local attractions
  • Scores on walkability, internet speeds and noise
  • Information on escrow and closing processes
  • Printable page to display in the home, with QR code to connect others with all the above and more

If your property is not yet on MLS, some information will not be available. To get the most complete Click Notes, please place your order after the property is live on MLS.

PLEASE NOTE: These resources are provided for general information purposes to a Property Owner or Listing Realtor, and are not contingent on the referral of any title insurance business. Please be aware that any title information included is for general reference only, and is not a representation, guaranty, or warranty of the status of title. If specific information is needed to make a decision concerning purchasing, reselling, developing, refinancing, construction, or any other transaction, please talk with our sales representative or one of our escrow teams about placing an order for a title insurance commitment. We would be happy to help you with your real estate goals!

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If you own a property currently on the market, or you are a Realtor with a current signed listing agreement for a property offered for sale, complete this form to receive your Property Click Notes. None of this information will be shared, sold, or otherwise made available by us to any person or entity outside of Independence Title

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