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The thing you learn very quickly at SXSW is just how much swag you can carry. Every time I thought there was no way I could cram another thing into my backpack someone forced me to take a free t-shirt.

If by “forced,” I mean they held it out and asked if I wanted it. Of course I want a free t-shirt, this is SXSW, people.

This is my new friend Sam. He’s holding the shirt he said was free but I really earned.



Okay, that’s a lie, I don’t know his name. I didn’t ask his name, but I meant to and should have. I was too busy dreaming about what would happen if I won the $5,000 scratch-off he handed me with my free t-shirt. I’m sorry, I’m a terrible blogger. I don’t think Sam will mind that I forgot to ask his name, he seems like a reasonable person (yes, I’m still calling him Sam).

He tackled me and forced me to take the free t-shirt asked if I’d like a t-shirt.  I said “Of course I do.” and then he held my new shirt ransom and said I had to download the Gyft App first. After explaining to Sam that while I thought his strategy was very clever, free means I do nothing and you give me a shirt. Since I was already invested in my new threads I downloaded the app. While we waited Sam explained that Gyft keeps track of gift cards. Now I can store, buy, send, redeem and transfer gift cards through Gyft. I’ll admit keeping track of the amount left on a gift card can be a little frustrating. I’ve done it all: wrapped the receipt around the gift card and stuffed it back in my wallet, used a sharpie to write the amount somewhere on the card and I’ve even taken a photo of the card and tried to keep the amount updated in Evernote. So Gyft makes a lot of sense. Plus, I really like the idea that I can transfer gift cards to someone else.

When I asked Sam if he’d hold up my shirt (the one I had clearly earned) so I could take his photo for this blog, he seemed a tad reluctant. I snapped one quick photo, thanked him, and headed for the metro rail.

Then I checked out the Gyft Facebook Page and discovered Sam was holding out on me. He totally knows how to pose.



by: Erin Reichman, Education Specialist

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