Fall Fun at Independence Title

By: Erin Reichman, Education Specialist

Whether you celebrate Halloween or attend a alternative Fall Festival, the end of October marks the beginning of the Holiday season. The fun and anticipation is almost tangible. This is also the time of year when adults finally have a free pass to unleash their inner children in the form of wigs, capes, fun props and more candy than any person should consume in a lifetime. (Hiding post-Halloween candy is really an altruistic endeavor; someone has to save the children from tooth decay.) While we work hard and Independence Title, we’re no strangers to fun! This year, some of our offices pulled out all the stops.

We didn’t have a costume contest, but if we did who would have won?

Round Rock



New Braunfels

Education Austin

Cedar Park

Barton Oaks II

Barton Oaks I

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