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Boosting Your Business with New Home Sales
Boosting Your Business with New Home Sales | 1 HR CE | CE# 35311
Do new home sales make you nervous?  Many agents miss out on builder business due to a lack of knowledge. This course will address what agents need to know in order to offer their buyers the best possible representation throughout the new construction process. From helping clients make important decisions to tips on following up post-closing, Boosting your Business with New Home Sales will make you a new home sales natural!
Building Your Brand: The Foundation, The Framing and The Design
Building Your Brand: The Foundation, The Framing and The Design | 2 HR CE | Course#37552 Realtors make branding decisions every day, even when they’re not aware of them. In the midst of showing homes, writing offers, and listening to presentations, it’s difficult to stop and analyze what your brand says about you. By developing your voice and sharing your story, you can create your own brand on which to build your business. Learn to use cohesive multichannel marketing, attract new business, and grow your brand.
Cross Generational Selling: Stages and Changes
Cross Generational Selling: Stages and Changes | 2 HR CE | Course#37554 Real estate is not a one-size-fits-all! In this class, you’ll learn how to better target, engage, communicate, and close deals with customers from different generations using cross-generational techniques. You’ll gain an understanding of what motivates your customers, which will help you tailor your sales message in a way that will increase trust, loyalty, and sales. You’ll experience an interactive class and walk away with a plan of action that provides relevant resources for each real estate scenario you encounter.
DocuSign and Beyond
DocuSign and Beyond | 2 HR CE | Course#37551 Can you imagine a real estate world without eSigning? DocuSign revolutionizes how Agents do business. This course is designed for existing users who want to take their knowledge to the next level by increasing an agent’s proficiency beyond the basic tasks of signing a form.  You will learn to streamline the transaction process from signing a listing agreement to negotiating the deal to executing the contract all electronically. This comprehensive class will cover saving all the files involved in a transaction in one place, eSigning a Seller’s Disclosure, creating templates plus much, much more!  Bring your laptop for this hands-on learning experience! - 2 hour “advanced” class *Students must know their zipForm Plus and DocuSign login if they want to participate in class.
Facebook Fundamentals for Growing your Business
Facebook Fundamentals for Growing your Business | 1 HR CE | Course#37548 In this class, you’ll learn how to fully utilize the power of Facebook. We’ll cover everything from building strong profiles (personal and business), writing engaging content, creating compelling images and video all with the specific purpose of growing your real estate business.
Getting the Most Out of RPR
Getting the Most Out of RPR | 1 HR CE | Course #37163 Are you looking for data to meet the demands of your clients? Have you heard of RPR? Learn how to use Realtors Property Resource (RPR) in your everyday business to access compelling property analytics, create captivating reports for your clients, perform both local and national property searches, utilize RPR’s unparalleled CMA tool, and much, much more!
Getting the PLUS out of zipForm Plus!
Getting the PLUS out of zipForm Plus! | 2 HR CE | Course#37553 Create more time for lead generation and client nurturing by becoming proficient in zipForm Plus! This course is designed to increase your productivity by streamlining your transaction management. In this class, you will receive in-depth experience in creating templates including how to send some of the key forms as a fillable document to your client and utilizing the clause manager. This comprehensive class will teach you how to add assigned text and checkboxes to documents and how to edit a sent signature packet. Bring your laptop for this hands-on learning experience! - 2 hour “advanced” class *Students must know their zipForm Plus login if they want to participate in class. They will need to know their RPR login if they would like to use the features RPR offers.
Good Communicators Make Great Negotiators
Good Communicators Make Great Negotiators | 2 HR CE | CE#37549 Communication and negotiation go hand-in-hand. In this class, you will gain a better understanding of basic communication styles and how they apply to negotiating. You will also learn the characteristics a good negotiator, the importance of strong negotiating skills, how to handle objections and overall techniques to create negotiating scenarios that help create harmony in your transactions.
Hacking Happens: Cyber Security 101
Hacking Happens: Cyber Security 101| 1 HR CE | CE#35625 Did you know that 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months of being victimized by cybercrime?  Hacking happens to all of us, whether we know it or not. Do not wait to be a victim!  In this class, you'll learn how to protect your business and personal network usage. Also, discover how to educate your clients on the best methods of communication and wire transfers.
Instagram for Real Estate
Instagram for Real Estate | 1 HR CE | Course # 37164 Due to Instagram’s visual nature, more Realtors are using the social media platform to build their real estate brand. In this advanced class, we will discuss the importance of an Instagram Business Profile. Additionally, we will take a look at varying content and the proper use of hashtags. Lastly, we will examine clever ways to promote your listings and engage with your audience by utilizing unique Instagram features such as Instagram Stories.
Introduction to Matrix
Introduction to Matrix | 1 HR CE | Course#36968 Are you a new Realtor?  Or are you a seasoned Realtor that's new to our MLS?  If so, this is the perfect class for you. You will explore the basic tools needed to get you started with Matrix.  From searching properties, to editing your agent profile this class is the introduction you’re looking for.
LinkedIn Basics for Real Estate
LinkedIn Basics for Real Estate | 1 HR CE | Course#37395 It's no secret that LinkedIn is the most popular professional networking site, but are you making the most out of it for your business? Join us for this one-hour course to gain the knowledge to create your personal and business profiles, the difference between your profile and business profiles, ways to optimize your business page and, most importantly, ways to generate leads.
Mastering the Open House
Mastering the Open House | 1 HR CE | Course#34035 Most Realtors dread the question, "When are you going to hold an open house on our property?" Sitting at an open house on a weekend; a total waste of time, money and energy, right? Not so! We'll walk you through open house goals, a strategic plan to maximize marketing efforts, and a solid follow-up plan. The open house serves as a prospecting opportunity; it’s a way to fill your pipeline with future business
Maximizing Matrix
Maximizing Matrix | 1 hr CE #35966 We know you’re busy! Let us help you make the most of your MLS system. You more than likely know how to search for homes, but we want to show you so much more. In this class, we will give you tips on how to productively work within Matrix by setting up and managing auto emails, utilizing integrated mapping, creating CMA’s, and other features of this robust system. Join us to learn how you can efficiently utilize the Matrix system in your real estate business.
Navigating the One-to-Four Family Contract
Navigating the One-to-Four Family Contract | 1 HR CE | Course #36094 Think about this:  when you’re filling out the One to Four Family Contract, you are essentially drawing a roadmap for the transaction.  In this class, we'll focus on certain parts of the contract and discuss ways to address any potential hazards or speed bumps that might get in the way of a successful closing.
Perfecting Your Online Presence
Perfecting Your Online Presence | 1 HR CE  | Course#37324 Have you ever Googled your business? Are you utilizing your account? Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexities of online real estate profiles? Have no fear— we found the answers for you! In this class, you'll learn how to complete important details across a variety of platforms that can increase views and profile traffic. This class will also provide a detailed overview on profile syndication, a feature that allows for data sharing across platforms to get the most out of your profiles.
Post It! What, Why & When to Post on Social Media
Post It! What, Why & When to Post on Social Media 1 HR CE | CE#35640 In this class, we’ll discuss the three W’s of posting content to your social media channels:  What, Why & When.  We’ll discuss different strategies of what to post to reach your target audience and how to leverage your personal page as well as your business page.  You’ll learn how to build content that creates interest as well as how to read and understand your analytics.  You'll leave this class with a simple social media strategy to achieve your goals on your social media platforms.
Principles of a Smart Transaction
Principles of a Smart Transaction | 2 hr CE #36226 This class highlights the major benchmarks in a real estate transaction. Starting with helpful things to collect at a listing appointment, to reviewing commonly overlooked sections of the contract, breaking down the basics of understanding a title commitment, and concluding with other contract to close tips. This course is just what any agent needs to execute a smart transaction.
Property Tax Chat
Property Tax Chat | 1 HR CE | Course # 36992 This class covers all areas of property taxes pertaining to real estate and Realtors with an emphasis on our property tax cycle, how to use the cycle for marketing, and common tax exemptions. This class will give Realtors a base knowledge of property taxes in Texas while showing them how they can best help their clients with property tax questions, and use this knowledge to gain more market share
Real Estate Graphic Design with Canva
Real Estate Graphic Design with Canva | 1 HR CE | Course# 34143 Have you heard of It’s a free web-based graphic design platform that Realtors can use to create flyers, postcards, newsletters, and even social media graphics. This class will help you get started with the platform. Before you know it, you'll be creating amazing DIY real estate marketing material!
Selling to Millennials
Selling to Millennials | 1 HR CE | Course#34690 Also known as Generation Y, Millennials are the fastest growing and most diverse generation of consumers in the nation. This generation has grown up being advertised to their entire lives, therefore, typical selling techniques may not work. In this class, we’ll discuss facts about Millennials, the effect social media and technology will have on the Millennial sales process, in addition to setting new rules when selling and marketing to this unique generation.
Smart Homes for Smart Agents
Smart Homes for Smart Agents | 1 HR CE | Course #36699 We live in a world where you can do almost anything from your phone: lock your front door, adjust your thermostat, turn off the lights, etc. Smart home technology is reshaping the way homes operate and is influencing the real estate industry. These devices are changing the way Realtors stage homes, hold open houses, set sales prices, and so much more. In this class, you'll learn about smart home products so you can communicate with your clients about unique features they have to offer, whether they’re buying or selling a home.
Surveys at a Glance
SURVEYS AT A GLANCE | 1 HR CE | Course # 36993 Reviewing a survey can be an intimidating task. What survey types are available and what are differences between them? This class will equip you with the knowledge about key items regarding surveys, provide a checklist to use as a tool for listing appointments and contract negotiations.
The Extended Cut- Creating and Promoting Videos
The Extended Cut- Creating and Promoting Videos | 2 HR CE | Course#37550 Let’s face it, no one likes doing videos! We don’t like how we sound; we don’t know what to say and overall just don’t know where to start. We will discuss methods that will help you get over your fears and hesitations about creating videos so that you can create compelling real estate videos that attract more clients. We’ll cover how to create a YouTube channel and how to promote your videos to attract viewers/subscribers to your channel. By the end of this class, you’ll finally feel prepared to use video to its fullest potential. One Hour Version: Lights, Camera, Action! Video Basics for Real Estate | 1 HR CE#35758
The Power of Personality
The Power of Personality | 1 HR CE | Course #36230 Every buyer, seller, and Realtor has a different and distinct personality. In this class, we will walk you through how to determine a person's personality style. You will discover how to assess different personality types and ultimately learn to communicate with and market to all types of people effectively.
The Ultimate App
The Ultimate App | 1 HR CE | Course #38528 Looking to bring additional value to your customers? Come learn our updated app. Learn to generate Buyer Quick Estimates, run Seller’s Net Sheets, access Rent vs. Buy and Net-to-Sell Calculators, and more . . . from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop!
Title Commitment A to D
Title Commitment A to D | 1 HR CE | Course#34399 A title commitment is the heart of a file. Walk with us through each schedule of this important document to learn what to watch for when you receive the commitment on your next transaction.
Tools for Target Marketing
Tools for Target Marketing | 1 HR CE | Course #35060 What exactly is a target market?  How do I calculate agent saturation and turnover rate in an area?  Can I export mailing lists and labels?  What if we told you these tools are actually right at your fingertips? In this class, you'll learn the answers to these questions and more.