Let’s Zip Through the Changes to zipForm Plus

Have you noticed the “Try New Plus” button when you log into zipforms Plus?  They’ve made some changes and improvements to the platform.

What’s New in zipForm Plus?

Agent Dashboard: zipForm Plus has a new platform design! Not only does your homepage look different, but it feels different too. The dashboard is both interactive and responsive: it accesses real-time data on the progress of every transaction, and it makes zipForm Plus compatible with any device (computer, tablet, phone).  The dashboard also has some new widgets, like the “signature packets in progress” widget, and improved property and transaction type charts. Also, you can see what’s in the sales pipeline with the potential sales volume chart.

Data Integration: If you’re a Realtors Property Resource (RPR) user, we have good news! zipForm Plus’ integration with RPR simplifies property data entry. Start a transaction from inside of RPR to sync property information and save time.

 Transactions: Although the process for creating transactions remains the same, you’ll notice the biggest changes inside of each transaction.  Create a transaction from multiple places within zipForm Plus and enjoy the comprehensive transaction summary page. Here you’ll find easy to read property, listing, and purchase summaries.  You’ll also notice a brand new launch pad where you can easily add, share and sign documents. These functions also have a page of their own, accessible from your transaction summary page. Want some more good news? Completing information in the transaction parties launch pad auto-populates your buyer or seller’s information.

Share:  Remember the collaborate feature? It has a new name and new capabilities. Meet the “Share” tool, where you can privately or publicly share documents for viewing and filling.  Private share works like the old Collaborate feature—you can send clients viewer account setup emails so they can view and fill out forms, set viewer permissions, and create a stop sharing date. Public share allows an agent to easily send a link for viewing documents with no account setup required.

In our new class, Zeroing in on zipForm Plus,  we show you how to master these changes and maximize efficiency when using the platform.  If you are interested in scheduling a class with our Education Team, contact your ITC business development representative!


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