New Year, New Goals

new-year-new-goalsIt’s the beginning of January and you are probably reflecting on 2016 analyzing what worked, what didn’t work and how you want to change in this brand-new year. This is the time of year when it traditionally makes sense to set new goals. You feel as if you have a clean slate, you are refreshed from some down time, and the future is looking bright. If you were ever able to get motivated to make some changes, it would be at the beginning of the year.

So why do most fail to change their results? Because they don’t understand that unless you change your thoughts, then the results will never change.

Thoughts lead to choices, choices lead to actions, and actions lead to results.

Unless you change your thoughts, the actions will remain the same, therefore creating the same results. Focus on changing your thoughts and watch how the results show up. Focus on your internal vocabulary, do you use “try” a lot? (i.e. “I’m going to try to follow up more with my SOI this year.” or “I’m going to try to squeeze in more educational classes this year to better my understanding of X.”)  How about implementing more positive ways of thinking?  “I will do those things, I will time block to better myself, etc.” Write down your goals instead of just thinking them. Write them on sticky notes around your computer screen, on your bulletin board or wherever your workspace may be.  Remember, the 3% of people who write down their goals are more likely to reach those goals than the 97% who don’t.

Our Education Team offers a great class, Strategies for Growing Your Business.  In this class, we reflect on what you did last year that did or did not work, we collaborate on new ideas to implement, we discuss things that took away your time that may not have been necessary and most important, we talk about committing to time blocking for activities that you intend to do but never seem to get to.  We also go over setting up or changing your business plan and budgeting options.  Contact your Business Development Rep if you are interested in booking this class or look at our Education Calendar to see if we are already offering this class near you and register!  If you are working on your goals and just need an organized way of jotting them down –  CLICK HERE

It seems very fitting to end with one of the ITC Education team’s favorite quotes:

“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”

Cheers to a very prosperous 2017 and as always, Independence Title is here to help in any way we can.