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Photo of Luke Pierson
Luke Pierson
President of Operations, DFW1ALas Colinas OfficeWork Phone: (682) 478-0005Work Fax: (682) 478-0006Cell Phone: (214) 680-5853 vCard for Luke Pierson
Photo of Sue Smith
Sue Smith
Branch Manager/Business Development2Arlington OfficeCell Phone: (817) 360-6112Work Phone: (682) 478-0001Work Fax: (682) 478-0002 vCard for Sue Smith
Photo of Claudia Schubert
Claudia Schubert
Vice President, Director of Business Development2bLas Colinas OfficeCell Phone: (214) 663-2939Work Phone: (682) 478-0005Work Fax: (682) 478-0006 vCard for Claudia Schubert
Photo of Shellie Carnal
Shellie Carnal
Business Development5Four Corners OfficeCell Phone: (972) 900-9106Work Phone: (214) 964-9850Work Fax: (214) 964-9750 vCard for Shellie Carnal
Photo of Mendy Grinnell
Mendy Grinnell
Business Development5Cedar Hill OfficeWork Phone: (972) 349-6655Work Fax: (972) 349-6656Cell Phone: (972) 754-5824 vCard for Mendy Grinnell
Photo of Nina Hayden
Nina Hayden
Business Development5Headquarters/Plano OfficeCell Phone: (972) 251-0096Work Phone: (214) 964-9810Work Fax: (214) 964-9710 vCard for Nina Hayden
Photo of Michelle Hilton
Michelle Hilton
Business Development – Tarrant County5Southlake & ColleyvilleCell Phone: (817) 846-6387 vCard for Michelle Hilton
Photo of Carol Stradtman
Carol Stradtman
Business Development5Monticello/Dallas OfficeWork Phone: (214) 964-9820Work Fax: (214) 964-9720Cell Phone: (214) 693-3555 vCard for Carol Stradtman
Photo of Crystal Widman
Crystal Widman
Business Development5Rockwall OfficeCell Phone: (214) 477-5326Work Phone: (972) 349-6640Work Fax: (972) 349-6641 vCard for Crystal Widman
Photo of Patty Zesch
Patty Zesch
Business Development5Lakewood OfficeCell Phone: (214) 794-9219Work Phone: (214) 964-9840Work Fax: (214) 964-9740 vCard for Patty Zesch
Photo of Emily Rice
Emily Rice
Social Media Manager6Austin Business Development/Training OfficeWork Phone: (512) 454-4500Work Fax: (512) 583-0446 vCard for Emily Rice
Photo of Shanahan Ramos
Shanahan Ramos
Education & Training Specialist6ALas Colinas OfficeCell Phone: (919) 605-0237Work Phone: (682) 478-0005Work Fax: (682) 478-0005 vCard for Shanahan Ramos
Photo of Becky Gervers
Becky Gervers
Education and Training Specialist6BLas Colinas OfficeCell Phone: (469) 740-0559Work Phone: (682) 478-0005Work Fax: (682) 478-0006 vCard for Becky Gervers