The Importance of Online Reviews

What makes online reviews a powerful tool for lead generating?  They help consumers evaluate an agent’s honesty, reputation, and knowledge.  When choosing a real estate agent, consumers consider these four things:

  • The reputation of the agent

  • If the agent is honest and trustworthy

  • If the agent is a friend of family member

  • The agent’s knowledge of the neighborhood 

Now let’s look at your online presence, do you address these concerns?  Think about it, in this day and age, if a consumer is referred to you by someone else, even though they trust that referral source, more than likely, they will still “google” you.  If I searched for you online, what would I find?  Would I see your reputation from reviews of your past service?  Would I be able to see that you’re honest and trustworthy because a past client raved about you in a review?  What about your expertise?  Would I be able to tell that you are a well-informed agent from looking at you online?  Also, did you know you may already have reviews on Yelp and not know it??

If you answered any of those questions with a shrug or a question mark, you aren’t alone.  In fact, many agents are very hesitant to ask for reviews in fear of what people will say or how it will affect their online presence.  If this is how you feel, the Independence Title Education Team has a great class that will help get you comfortable, Boost Your Credibility with Online Reviews.  In this class, we not only go over the different platforms where you can receive reviews, we go over strategies on how to ask for reviews, responding to reviews and even how to handle any negative reviews.  Contact your local Business Development rep to attend an upcoming class.

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