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October 9, 2015

Enjoy low interest rates – for now

In September, the Federal Open Markets Committee, the Fed’s policy setting arm, decided not to raise its benchmark rate, which has been near zero for seven years. The benchmark rate is what a central bank issues which other interest rates are calculated against. Also called base interest rate, it is the minimum interest rate investors […]

August 7, 2015

2015 Texas Midyear Review, Part II

We are continuing our review of the major metro real estate markets in Texas. This week we will spotlight Dallas / Fort Worth. Five Texas cities were among the top 10 U.S. cities in population growth between July 1, 2013, and July 1, 2014 — Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas and Fort Worth, with each […]

May 29, 2015

2015 points to slower growth ahead

Last year, the U.S. job market had its best year of gains since 1999.  Economic activity hit a whopping 5% in the third quarter, the best quarter since 2003. On the other hand, employment is still relatively weak with only 2% of the nation’s counties recovered to prerecession unemployment, GDP, and real estate values. Unemployment […]

April 24, 2015

Texas housing markets (still) aren’t overvalued

The Austin Board of Realtors reported that the March 2015 median price for single family homes was $255,000, a 10% year-over-year increase. This is a record high for Austin homes, so it isn’t surprising that some are saying our market is overvalued or in a bubble. Still, you can’t just look at appreciation and say […]

March 13, 2015

Economic outlook positive for 2015

The strength of the Lone Star State’s economy has led our national economy through the general gloom of the slowest national economic recovery in modern history. Now, with the price of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil hovering around $45/barrel, and unleaded gasoline selling for as little as $1.89 a gallon, some worry that the […]

January 23, 2015

Low oil prices and the national economy

In our last edition of the Voice, we discussed the potential effects of the decline in oil prices on the Texas region. The fall in energy prices has the potential to cost the Texas economy 125,000 to 150,000 jobs. This week, we’ll look how declining oil prices could affect the national economy. Most of us […]

January 9, 2015

Low oil prices and the Texas economy

For the last few weeks there has been great interest in the decline in oil prices. I wanted to address the many questions I have received about how this will impact the Texas economy. I am not an expert on oil futures, but living in Texas for the last half century has given me a […]

September 26, 2014

National economy still recovering

In Texas, 2013 was the year we felt the economy turn a corner. Although the recession “officially ended” in June of 2010, most consumers and businesses point to last year as the year they felt and saw the economy turn. In the real estate industry, we saw stronger home value and real estate appreciation. Here […]

August 29, 2014

How long will the high last?

We have gotten many inquiries about how long our economic high in Texas will last. I know that I have written about this a couple of times during the summer, yet the questions continue to focus on the negative rather than the positive. Remember I am just an analyst, with no crystal balls or otherworldly […]

August 8, 2014

Investment in education will keep Texas on top

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about concerns of the national employment market compared to Texas. The U.S. economy finally recovered all the jobs lost in the 2007-2009 recession in May of this year. To say it’s been an uneven recovery nationally would be an understatement, with over two-thirds of the nation’s states still short […]

July 11, 2014

Three things driving the Texas economy today

Most of you who are reading this know that Texas has been on a roll as far as optimistic news and job growth the last couple of years. That said, what are the big economic stories for Texas through the rest of 2014? Energy As the U.S. has becoming increasingly energy independent, changes in U.S. […]

June 20, 2014

Houston and DFW midyear review

Last week we started our midyear review of Texas markets with a look at San Antonio and Austin. This week we will be looking at DFW and Houston. As stated last week, the majority of our state has enjoyed tremendous job growth and all the benefits it brings. Over the last twenty-three years, the number […]

March 14, 2014

Texas jobs: more than just energy

Texas has been creating jobs. A lot of jobs. Still, Texas’s enviable economic performance is not without its detractors. There are two common critiques of the Texas economy. The first is that Texas is creating primarily low-paying jobs. The second critique is that all the new jobs are energy related. Hopefully this newsletter and this […]

September 6, 2013

Is Texas’s growth sustainable?

Texas needs an additional 10.5 million housing units by 2050 to accommodate our growing population. Considering that the majority of growth will take place in Houston, DFW, San Antonio, and Austin, this is equivalent to adding 70,945 housing units per year, per metro. “Texas is projected to add around 30 million residents, an increase of […]

August 30, 2013

Don’t take Texas for granted

It’s easy to take for granted that we live in a great city with a healthy economy. However, going to another city can make you realize the rest of the country still has a ways to go. I was in Denver this last weekend and although they are one of the top growth areas in […]

August 23, 2013

Texas real estate: no sign of slowing down

Texas continues to lead the national economic recovery. Home prices are on the rise, businesses are relocating here, and jobs are being created. I wanted to revisit the major Texas metros and examine all channels of real estate to really show how well we are doing. First, understand that the median price for homes in […]

June 14, 2013

San Antonio Rising

If you think that San Antonio’s economy is a bit slower than the rest of the state, then you need to look again. If you have been in Texas for a while, you probably think of military bases, manufacturing, and a slower lifestyle when you picture San Antonio. Now, you should also include big oil, […]

April 12, 2013

Unemployment numbers – what do they really mean?

Last Friday’s national payroll gain of 88,000 jobs seemed to be one of the lowest we’ve seen since Fall 2010. The drop in the official ‘headline’ unemployment rate from 7.7% to 7.6% was entirely driven by a further decline in the labor force participation rate, to a 35-year low of 63.3%. The portion of the […]

December 14, 2012

2012: A Year in Review – San Antonio, Houston, and DFW

Last week we talked about the major 2012 happenings in Austin real estate. This week we wanted to focus on the other Texas metros and the strength of their markets. San Antonio Over the last year, San Antonians have shown more confidence as the city’s economic base expands – signs of an improving metro economy […]

September 6, 2012

Special Market Update at Cool River Cafe

Today, Independence Title had the priviledge of hosting our quarterly market review, forecast, and networking event at Cool River Cafe.