Deposit Earnest Money with your Smartphone!


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could save valuable time by depositing Earnest Money via your smart phone?  And what if you could attach the contract to be sent along with the check?!  Guess what – YOU CAN!  You can now deliver Earnest Money along with the contract electronically to Independence Title using an app on your smart phone.  We introduce to you the mobile app, ZOCCAM, made specifically for real estate agents.

From a user perspective, the technology is as easy as taking a picture of the earnest money check, and functions similarly to mobile depositing of checks with your bank.  From check image capture to escrow delivery, the message is fully encrypted and doesn’t save your clients personal information anywhere on your device.  The agent is kept informed with email notification of completion.  You simply start with opening the contract within ZOCCAM and follow the onscreen instructions.  What would have taken up half of your day in the car just took you minutes!

Of  course, our Business Development reps are always available to aide in the delivery of Earnest Money.  But, in the event it’s outside of business hours, there is now ZOCCAM to the rescue!  We know it’s not ideal for an agent to race across town to get that check in the right hands, especially on a Friday afternoon in the middle of a traffic nightmare.  Contact your local business development rep to see if it’s available in your area and to receive detailed step by step instructions on using the app.

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